• Complete project management from land acquisition through occupancy.
  • Coordination of project team including planners, engineers, architects and contractors.
  • Broad knowledge of market trends and demographics enhances project due diligence.
  • Kenneth Merin Associates can provide trunkey development with pre-lease commitments.

In prior years, Kenneth Merin Associates was actively involved in the development of speculative office and retail projects. We have the capabilities to totally coordinate project development from land acquisition through final occupancy. With our experience we are able to select and hire the appropriate planners, engineers, architects and contractors to get the job done properly and on time.

We are not presently involved in the development of any speculative projects but can and will provide turnkey development for situations with pre-lease commitment or provide development services on a limited basis for owner occupied projects.

Available Land Parcel:

Location: Piscataway, New Jersey

Kenneth Merin Associates Availabel Land Parcel