Tenant Representation

Large and Small Corporate Users of Space Benefit from Effective Advocacy

  • Kenneth Merin Associates specializes soley in representing corporate users of space, be they tenants or purchasers.
  • Kenneth Merin Associates does not represent any developer or building, thereby eliminating any potential conflict of interest.
  • Personalized service includes preliminary studies including internal growth predictions, management survey of departmental populations and corporate system development for facilities planning.
  • Following assessment of need, Kenneth Merin Associates works closely with our clients in defining site selection parameters and prepares the preliminary site selection survey.
  • Time flow chart indicating target dates.
  • Preliminary and final budget preparation.
  • Comparative lease and/or purchase proposal analysis with particular emphasis on the technical business terms, proposed lease documents, work letter agreements,acquisition agreements, equity participation agreements, partnership agreements and other supporting documents in coordination with the legal department or outside counsel.
  • Final lease negotiation and review prior to execution.
  • Post-move follow up to ensure vendor compliance.